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Assembly operations

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Assembly operations

Pipe cutting

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                 All-purpose pipe cutter                                        Gun type pipe cutter                                                 Rotary pipe cutter


Pipe bending

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         Bending by hand without spring                                   Bending with spring                             Bending with a manual or electric bender 


Connection assembly

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    Marking the coupling’s mounting depth                          Moistening the coupling                                                 Inserting nut
                                                                                     Couplings for mounting in pipes:
                                                                                        Kisan WL – can be mounted
                                                                                      Kisan WT – should be mounted

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         Mounting VESTOL coupling body                                    Putting cut ring on                              Tightening the coupling with spanners

                                                                                             VESTOL ZBK couplings



               Mounting pressed coupling                                 Pressing with electric press                             Pressing with manual press




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