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Are you looking for comfortable heating for your home? Welcome to the world of modern technologies and revolutionary heating systems, where every Customer will certainly find something suitable.


With the Kisan Comfort system you will finally get your space to express yourself.

Farewell to radiator.Not long ago this relic of the 20th century was a designer’s nightmare and a nuisance to home owners who had many imaginative ideas how to create a trendy interior. However, radiator stole the space for decoration and was not particularly pretty while any custom-made, more stylish radiators cost a fortune.

Fortunately the 21st century with our revolutionary Kisan Comfort heating solution has almost fully resolved this problem. Now heating does not need to be troublesome and take space for unconstrained creative layouts. Your place will look like one of those pictures in luxury home & design magazines, while the walls and the floor will give off pleasant, healthy and comfortable warmth.

Your style. When you get rid of the radiator, you have more room for designing experiments or stylish variations, which will reflect your nature. Kisan Comfort means more creative freedom.

Everybody has their own concept of a perfect home. Because the Kisan Comfort system gives you unlimited freedom of design you can now choose any interior style for your space, whatever suits you best.

  • Art déco
    Tradition made modern. Numerous objects stylized to resemble the fashion of the twenties and the thirties of the 20th century. Dominant geometry with decorativeness designed to enhance the natural beauty and charm of wood.
  • Modern style (minimalist)
    Here spacious interior is the underlying quality. Combination of modern technology and materials with functionality is typical of this style. The idea is to create simple, truly minimalist spaces with many useful functions, which are often signalled by appropriate colours.
  • Scandinavian style
    The essence of the Scandinavian approach to interior design is first of all simplicity and natural effect. This is reflected in its practical and parsimonious style. What is important is details, finishing and light, natural colours.
  • Rustic style
    Unpretentious, full of familiar simplicity, adding a warm and rural atmosphere to the interior designed in this style. Pastel walls are an ideal match for wooden elements and accessories as if taken straight from a country cottage.
  • Eclectic style
    Discovers the freedom of combining elements coming from different styles. Antique decorations blended with modern technology provide space for many experiments bordering on the avant-garde.
  • Colonial style
    Simple forms and exotic accessories are the most important elements of this style, inspired by classic interiors straight from the tropics. Furniture is solid and strong. Dominant colours are brown, vanilla and sandy beige.

Your home – your showcase. Use the potential of your new, more spacious place to the full. Make it cosy and filled with pleasant, comfortable heat. Discover a new dimension of comfort and see what it means to be really proud of your interior design. From now on a unique ambience will underpin all your family events and visits of good friends.