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General rules

Do not buy a pig in a poke. Choose peace of mind and a ten-year guarantee with the Kisan system.

General rules

1.  KISAN system comprises multi-layer pipes and fittings produced by SKS PIPES. These components come with their manufacturer’s guarantees covering:

  • A guarantee period extended from one year to ten years covering product performance as described in Technical Approvals and Declarations of Conformity issued for the applicable standards,
  • Removal of material defects in pipes and fittings during the guarantee period.

2.  The extended guarantee period can be given provided that:

  • The company installing the system is properly qualified (holding the KISAN Certificate of training in the assembly of systems) to assemble installations using pipes and fittings of the KISAN system and the guarantee conditions set forth below are satisfied.

The guarantee period for the KISAN system components is 10 years beginning with the production year.

3. The company installing the system is liable to the investor, under their own performance guarantee, for the proper assembly and operation of the system installed.

4. The producer shall not be held liable for any product defects resulting from mechanical damages during:

  • transport (from a sales outlet to the Customer),
  • installation and/or operation,
  • faulty installation contrary to the Technical Conditions for Installation and the Installation Instruction Manuals prepared by KISAN and issued in 1996 or later,
  • failure by the user to observe the range of operating parameters set forth in a relevant Technical Approval or Installation Instruction Manual.

5. In the event when any material defect of a multilayer pipe or fittings is revealed, the manufacturer is obliged to:   

  • replace defective materials with defect-free materials in the same quantity,
  • cover the agreed expenses related to the removal of any such failure,
  • cover the agreed expenses resulting from consequences of any such failure.

6. In order to exercise its rights under the guarantee provided by the KISAN system manufacturers in case of the system failure, the Investor concerned should:

  • secure the place of failure against any further damages and immediately notify the system installer of the failure.  Ensure that the installer or any other contractor, as agreed upon between the system owner and KISAN, removes only these damaged components which must be dismantled to immediately secure the affected place from any excessive spread of damages caused outside the system as a direct result of the failure;
  • immediately notify KISAN of the failure (due to the terms and conditions of insurance),
  • present the affected place and defective product in an unchanged condition for inspection,
  • in case the damage must be repaired immediately, photo documentation should be made.