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Are you looking for comfortable heating for your home? Welcome to the world of modern technologies and revolutionary heating systems, where every Customer will certainly find something suitable.


The Kisan Comfort System helps to attain optimum conditions for health in your home or office:

Distribution of temperature. Contrary to the traditional central heating the Kisan Comfort System enables distribution of temperature which is beneficial (close to the optimum) to human health and condition.

Owing to Kisan Comfort we feel pleasant warmth in our feet and the optimum temperature at the level of our heads. Such conditions ensure better rest and higher effectiveness at work !

Relief for allergy-prone people.70% of heat energy in the Kisan Comfort heating solution is transferred through radiation and only 30% through convection. Therefore, spaces heated by our revolutionary system are not as much affected by dust and mites as those with the traditional heating.

Kisan Comfort is recommended:

- for prevention of allergy-related ailments and diseases such as eczema, sinusitis or asthma.
- to people with allergy and those suffering from diseases of upper air-passages,
- to people with heart and circulatory system diseases.

Radiator-free space. It is not only an aesthetical advantage and more options for interesting interior design solutions. It means also less mites, dust or insects and dirt in hard accessible nooks and corners. And less cleaning!

Acoustics.The isolation layer in the Kisan Comfort system superbly muffles the installation noise. Owing to that it helps to ensure peace and quiet, indispensable for our mental comfort. Nowadays, when noise is becoming one of the most dangerous threats to our health, such comfort is priceless.

Better air humidity. Traditional heating dries the air, which has a negative impact on our respiratory system and impairs our resistance to infections and colds. Properly humidified air is important also to our pets: dogs, cats and to wooden furniture, antiques, instruments or wooden floors.