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Hygienic certificates

In this section, you will find all the data you will need for your further work. Show your customers how the Kisan systems work and why Kisan Comfort has brought about a revolution in the heating market. Learn necessary technical details.

Hygienic certificates

Kisan system - Hygienic certyficate PZH HK/W/0777/01/2011 (PL)

Kisan Multi-layer pipe PERT/AI/PERT - Hygienic certygicate PZH HK/W/0103/01/2013 (PL)

Kisan Pressed brass couplings and fittings - Hygienic certyficate PZH HK/W/0103/02/2013 (PL)

Kisan brass manifolds - Hygieniec certficate PZH HK/W/0464/02/2011 (PL)

Kisan stainless steel manifolds - Hygienic certyficate PZH HK/W0464/01/2011 (PL)

Kistal Inox system - Hygienic certyficate PZH HK/W/0366/01/2012 (PL)


All the hygienic certficates are avaliable on customer's request.

Please contact us : m.sikora@kisan.pl