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In this section, you will find all the data you will need for your further work. Show your customers how the Kisan systems work and why Kisan Comfort has brought about a revolution in the heating market. Learn necessary technical details.


Software for designing single- and two-pipe central heating systems and surface heating

Download the demo software

  • Capability of automatic reconstruction of wall structure from an outline of a floor plan and an outline of all spaces 
  • Working with .isb file compatible with both applications, capability of including designs of water distribution and central heating systems in a single file and previewing the design of central heating system in Instal-san and vice versa
  • Visibility and accessibility configuration for a given range of edition (the former “layer” of design) when editing another range – e.g. viewing a central heating design, when editing a water distribution system on the building’s plan
  • Dimension lines on views
  • Range of default component types significantly extended
  • Reference points allowing the user to precisely match views from different sheets, moved against each other in original DWG files
  • Selective drawing printout/export in case of a design containing both central heating and water distribution systems
  • Design general data and options revised to improve their transparency and assignment to a given application or common data
  • “Intelligent” determination of heat emitter levels based on the delineation of sections drawn in an axonometric projection
  • Optional selection of pipeline insulation according to EnEv
  • Component data table is clearer due to its breakdown into data groups, which can be “rolled up” and “unrolled”
  • Streamlined ORTO and  AUTO modes
  • ACAD 2004 file reading/saving option 
  • Capability to import only the marked rectangular part of a DWG file
  • Capability to classify spaces as an external environment (atrium)
  • Capability to visually distinguish space dividers on a view, to which no structure type for heating calculations is assigned
  • More information on the space, radiator and surface heating labels
  • Overview of underfloor heating pipes may include a breakdown into coils. Then, an additional table is needed to assign individual heating loops to specific coils (division of heating loops into coils is optimised).
  • In case virtual connections are fully utilised, when sections connecting manifolds with a heat source are not drawn then the radiator part and underfloor heating part do not need to have the same feed temperature.
  • Capability to select a manifold for PG in the virtual connection mode or to activate a function for adhering to dwelling areas during an automatic selection of manifold
  • Screed additives in underfloor heating selected more accurately, minimum screed thickness checked depending on the surface pressure index and screed type
  • Flow correction for unmatched radiators (e.g. due to inaccurately set quantities) has been revised and now covers a wider range of radiator size deviations. Therefore, the calculation options “Do not correct when oversized by ...” are redundant and have been deleted.
  • Checking heat loss coverage of the premises in the post-calculation diagnostics