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Quality Policy

Kisan is a leading Polish manufacturer and distributor of a modern low temperature heating system (Kisan Comfort) and multilayer pipes and fittings for internal water installation systems.

Quality Policy

KISAN has established, documented, implemented and consistently maintains a Quality Management System whose efficiency is constantly being improved in line with ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

Our Quality Management System is integrated with the Quality Management System of the Polish Sanitary Heating, Gas and Air Conditioning Corporation and supervised by that body. In order to enhance its quality standards, Kisan has adopted the “Corporate Quality System Compliance Supervision” process established by the Corporation.

KISAN Quality Management System covers its core areas of activity:

  • Procurement, storage, and sales
  • Technical consulting
  • Marketing

The most important products covered by QMS:

  • KISAN multilayer pipes
  • Radiators
  • Supplementary fittings for the above products

Quality Management Specialist:

Małgorzata Borzęcka
tel +22 701 71 30
e-mail: m.borzecka@kisan.pl


KISAN Sp. z o.o. quality policy means constant improvement in the way we satisfy customer needs and expectations by offering the highest quality products and services.

Products provided by KISAN Sp. z o.o. are of the highest European quality, offering cutting-edge technical solutions as well as all certificates required by Polish regulations, with manufacturers being ISO 9001 certified.

In using the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, KISAN Sp. z o.o. strives constantly to improve it while management and staff make all efforts to assure our products, service and customer support are of the highest quality to meet customer expectations.
Systematic enhancement of employee skills and awareness as well as improving company management mechanisms, especially in quality management, guarantees increasingly better customer service and satisfaction.

We wish to know your opinion

To assure the highest quality of Kisan products and services, we would like to hear your opinion. Please fill out the short survey below. This information will allow us to get a better insight into your expectations with a view to their constant improvement.

e-mail: m.borzecka@kisan.pl

Service Quality Evaluation

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3. How would you rate our cooperation with you while providing the product/service?
4. How did the products/services compare to your expectations?
5. How would you rate our reaction to any complaints?
6. How would you rate the skills and abilities of our personnel?
7. How would you compare our service speed/turnaround time to that of similar companies?
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