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Are you looking for comfortable heating for your home? Welcome to the world of modern technologies and revolutionary heating systems, where every Customer will certainly find something suitable


The Kisan Comfort System means safety and reliability of the best investment:

10 year guarantee.The Kisan Comfort System is a modern and reliable technology with a unique 10-year guarantee. It covers both the entire installation as well as its individual components. Every installation is delivered with fully developed technical documentation.

Reliability. All Kisan Comfort solutions are ideally adjusted to suit specific needs of the Customer. Sub-assemblies are selected by highly competent specialists. Owing to that each installation is a perfectly designed, complementary configuration of components where everything works like clockwork.

Supreme quality.Elements of the Kisan Comfort system were selected with highest standards in mind. Our suppliers are reputable Polish and foreign companies, which – like us – value quality and Customer satisfaction.

Experience.20 years of Kisan’s operations and continuous investment in development allow us to offer unique, technologically advanced and price-competitive solutions.

Please note! Our guarantee does not cover any defects caused by improper assembly. Ask our Sales Representatives about Kisan trained fitters.