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Are you looking for comfortable heating for your home? Welcome to the world of modern technologies and revolutionary heating systems, where every Customer will certainly find something suitable.


You will finally begin to save energy with the new Kisan Comfort System:

Low Temperature System.The underlying objective of the Kisan Comfort System is a feeling of thermal comfort with the temperature lower by a few degrees than the temperatures obtained via radiator heating.

Kisan Comfort Wall. Identical thermal comfort can be felt already at the temperature of 18-19ºC as compared to spaces with the temperature of 20ºC using a radiator heating system. It means about 10-12% of energy savings to our Customers.

Kisan Comfort Floor. Optimum indoor air temperature may be maintained at 15°C to 18°C, with wall temperature between 20°C and 35°C, which gives savings of even up to 30% energy as compared to the central heating used so far.

Economic sources of energy. Underfloor heating needs heating water with the temperature of about 40-55°C, therefore Kisan Comfort is perfect for heating by means of economic sources of energy such as: heat pumps, condensing boilers or solar collectors.