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Training for designers

Looking for suitable solutions for your customers? You are not on your own any more. We are ready to assist you. Just get in touch and we will prepare an offer. And if you wish to learn more – we have special training available to you.

Training for designers

Computer workshops for designers

Workshops are intended to familiarize designers with the 4.11 software release supporting the design process.  During a one-day workshop designers get acquainted with the entire family of these applications.

Workshop duration: about 6 hours

Computer workshop program:

•    Brief presentation of the KISAN system (range and assembly principles),

•    Computer software presentation:

o    for central heating – Instal OZC and Instal Therm,

o    for water and sewage systems – Instal San

•    Exercise in installation design,
•    Possibilities of cooperation.

All types of training are also available abroad in Polish, Russian and English.