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Training for fitters

Looking for suitable solutions for your customers? You are not on your own any more. We are ready to assist you. Just get in touch and we will prepare an offer. And if you wish to learn more – we have special training available to you.

Training for fitters

Training for fitters, designers and investors

Held regularly once a month at KISAN main office and in local distributor premises throughout Poland on an as-needed basis.  

Training lasts approximately 3 hours and covers the following:

  • Introduction and training film – about 30 min.,
  • General overview of the KISAN system – components, manufacturers, technical  certificates and approvals required in construction industry - about 45 min.,
  • Presentation of product range - about 30 min.,
  • Rules of pipe assembly and pipefitting demonstration - about 30 min.,
  • Rules of central heating, cold water, and hot water installation design using the KISAN system - about 45 min.

Participants receive completion certificates.

All types of training are also available abroad in Polish, Russian and English.